Open Source Software for Dental Practices
Open Source Software for Dental Practices

Affordable Dental Software for dentists

1dentist Software brings Free Open Source Cloud Computing to dentists worldwide!  Use a PC, Mac or wireless device to securely connect via the internet to your dental practice management data on our remote servers.  Access your data On Demand from anywhere!

"Open Source" means you can change the software program as you wish.  "Cloud Computing" means connecting to your data via the internet using a secure connection in your dental office or via a secure wireless connection anywhere.

Don't Buy:
  • Expensive dental software
  • Expensive dental software updates
  • Expensive servers and computers
  • Expensive IT-technician labor rates
  • Expensive hourly technical support
  • New computers every 5 years
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to create your paperless dental practice now!

The 1dentist Software and your Dental Practice Data reside on our remote servers that are maintained 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Choose your preferred method for data back-up.  Save money with confidence! 

Our software has been used by thousands of dentists since 2003.  Now you can use it online!  This software supports imaging: x-rays and photos.

It is the sincere intention of 1dentist, LLC to keep ALL costs as low as possible.  We encourage dentists, dental students and dental office staff to contact us.

1dentist, LLC is a leading internet dentistry company that was established in 1998. 

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