1dentist, LLC, is an intellectual property (IP) holding company focused on dentistry. It owns patents, trademarks, copyrights, dental education programs, 600+ worldwide dentist domains and thousands of pages of original online content. It was founded in 1998 by Dr. Jeffrey Dorfman who serves as President.

Dr Jeffrey Dorfman is a cosmetic dentist, educator, author and technology innovator. He has decades of experience in dental advocacy, corporate responsibility, dental politics & malpractice law. He became heavily involved in internet dentistry in 1998. He has personally written thousands of pages of original online content. In addition Dr. Dorfman has personally managed all SEO and SEM for all web properties. He offers a unique perspective on clinical dentistry, content creation and content distribution online. Dr. Dorfman is the Director of The Center for Special Dentistry (CSD) in NYC; it is a large multi-specialty group practice offering high-end care. He is a former Assistant Professor at Columbia & a former Associate Professor at NYU for 20 combined years. He graduated with honors from UPenn in 1981 with a degree in BioChemistry and a Wharton minor in Economics. He graduated with honors from UPenn Dental in 1985. At UPenn Dental Dr. Dorfman was one of four students, out of a class of 160, selected to participate in The Pennsylvania Experiment for all four years. The Pennsylvania Experiment was a decades-long program that intended to train “master clinicians” in all aspects of dentistry. He was Editor in Chief of the Penn Dental Journal for three years.

Several former dental school deans have been on the Board of 1dentist LLC. Dr. Ed Zuckerberg, dentist-dad of Facebook founder Mark, is presently on the Board.

1dentist is an early innovator online. 1dentist offered a message board for dentists & students in April 2001. Later that year 1dentist began digitizing historical dental implant textbooks for the internet; this later evolved into LinkowLibrary.org, the life-archive of Dr. Leonard Linkow, the father of implant dentistry. 1dentist.com offered online dental appointment scheduling world-wide in 2002. By 2012 over 120 million ad impressions were being shown per year. Dentists, dental students and potential patients from 222 countries visit 1dentist websites.

In education 1dentist offers full time pre-dental training to prepare applicants for dental school. It also offers post-dental training. For over 12 years CSD was the only private practice in New York State wherein dental students could treat low income patients and receive dental school credit from both Columbia and NYU dental schools. CSD has also worked with the New York City Board of Education to mentor qualified inner city high school students for over two decades. 1dentist is an ADA CERP (Continuing Education) Provider.

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