1dentist Dental Practice Management Software is the only dental management software provided over the internet that truly offers Software as a Service (SaaS). There is no need to purchase expensive hardware like servers or workstations for treatment rooms.  Instead the software is delivered over the internet using low-cost, maintenance-free thin clients (net books & iPads). There is no expensive software to buy; just pay a small connection fee each month. There is also no need to worry about backups and disaster recovery techniques. 1dentist software is hosted in a state-of-the art data center and employs redundant power and network configurations, and provides best-in-class backup techniques. If you wish to migrate from expensive traditional software packages 1dentist offers data conversions from many popular software packages to 1dentist for a small fee.

Please contact us at our email address below to learn about our latest efforts to reduce these costs. Below is a comparison in costs for the first year between traditional software packages and 1dentist. Compare our prices to Dentrix, EZ Dental, Eaglesoft, and Kodak. The pricing below is based on current retail pricing of a one time Windows Licensing fee of $699, $20/month per workstation (computer), and $75/month for telephone and email support. Please contact us for information about promotional pricing.

 Traditional Software1dentist® Software
Hardware and Maintenance 
File Server$5,100.00$0.00
Windows Server License$699.00$699.00
Workstations (3 Computers)$3,900$1,950.00
Yearly IT Maintenance$2,700.00$1,000.00
Sub Total$12,399.00$3,649.00
Software Costs 
Purchase Cost (3 Computers)$11,000.00$0.00
Yearly Connection Fee (3 Computers)N/A$720.00
Yearly Support Contract$1,327.00$900.00
Sub Total$12,327.00$1,620.00
Grand Total (First Year)$24,726.00$5,269.00

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